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Why are Industrial PP Casters popular


PU, commonly known as elastic rubber and spring rubber, also known as a polyurethane material, is a kind of plastic and rubber between the elastomer. Its excellent overall performance in ordinary plastic box rubber is not applicable, but for the caster industry, this PU material casters great use.

1.Features of Industrial PP Casters

(1) the polyurethane wheel elastomer has the characteristics of wear resistance, chemical resistance, high strength, high elasticity, low pressure resistance, strong impact resistance, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high bearing capacity, good damping buffer performance and so on.

(2) PU grinding wheel also has a wide range of hardness, from Shaw A10-100.

(3) PU wheel has good sound absorption characteristics, the wheel does not produce noise in the process of moving, can achieve the mute effect.

Industrial PP Casters

2.Industrial PP Casters use environment

(1) suitable for use on a variety of ground.

(2) widely used in medical industry, Food Processing Industry, factory loading and unloading, warehousing logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

(3) the temperature range is -35 ~ 80℃.