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Heavy Casters industry is facing a critical period of transf


Heavy Caster is a life-related accessory, mostly used in supermarket shopping carts, furniture, convenient for people to move and carry large objects.Heavy Casters are widely used, almost any industry, according to the needs of different industries, people continue to invent a variety of Heavy Casters, according to statistics, there are about 150000 different Heavy Casters used in various industries around the world.

With the development of Science and technology, the consumer market for the function and quality of Heavy Casters products have become increasingly demanding, Heavy Casters replacement cycle is getting shorter, the complexity of the product also will be increased, the traditional way of mass production has been challenged. In mass production, flexibility and productivity are mutually contradictory. As we all know, only a single species, large quantities, equipment, process stability, high efficiency, in order to constitute economies of scale.In order to adapt to market needs, improve the flexibility and efficiency of Heavy Casters products, experts suggest that Heavy Caster's enterprises should ensure product quality under the premise of shortening the production cycle, reduce product costs, and constantly improve the added value of Heavy Casters products.
Heavy Casters
Heavy Casters, casters, industrial Heavy Casters and other products to reflect the people-oriented concept, fully meet the various needs of different consumers.

Heavy Casters enterprises in addition to meet the basic needs of consumers, but also to fully tap the potential market demand, and constantly looking for new profit growth. In addition, now there are more and more Heavy Casters enterprises in the product integration of scientific and technological achievements, highlighting the surprising effect of personality also helps to stimulate consumption, expand the market scale.