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caster's choice takes its flexibility into consideration


caster application to reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, select the appropriate caster products can be more effective. In general, the purchase caster we will consider the load-bearing, the use of specific occasions, at the same time, Wanda remind you not to forget to consider the problem of flexibility.

(1) caster should be flexible, easy and durable, its rotating parts (caster rotation, wheel rolling) should use a small coefficient of friction material or through a special process after the assembly of accessories (such as ball bearings or quenching).

(2) the greater the eccentricity of the tripod flexible month, but the corresponding reduction in the weight of the carrier.

(3) the larger the diameter of the wheel to promote more effort, and better protection of the ground. Wheel rotation is slower than small, not easy to heat deformation, more durable. Select the wheel of large diameter as much as possible under the conditions of installation height permitting.

In addition, a number of aspects to consider choosing the appropriate caster should also be used to make it play a role, caster on the moving speed is still required, at room temperature, flat on the ground moving Express should not be higher than 4km/h and let caster have "rest" time.