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What are the main characteristics of Industrial PP Casters


1, Industrial PP Casters function can be regulated in large scale. A number of physical and mechanical functions of the target can be adjusted by the selection and formulation of the original data, must be changed in the scale, and then meet the needs of the user is not the same function products.

2, the wear-resistant function is superior. Especially in the presence of water, oil, and wet medium operating conditions, its wear resistance is usually several times the general information of rubber, it is worth noting that the friction coefficient of low hardness to progress polyurethane elastomer, improved wear-resistant function under load bearing, can increase the number of aluminum disulfide, graphite and other lubricants in such polyurethane elastomer.
Industrial PP Casters
3, processing methods diverse, wide applicability. Industrial PP Casters can not only choose the same general rubber mastication, vulcanization molding technology; at the same time, it can also be made into pellets, the same as the general plastic, injection, extrusion, calendering, blow molding technology.

4, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, low-temperature resistance, sound permeability, biocompatibility, and excellent blood compatibility.