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How to buy Industrial Casters?


Industrial Casters in the world is not the same industry and the field is the use of the most common areas, such as furniture, industry, agriculture, logistics, warehousing, port and defense technology, almost all industries involved in the world, there are about 15000 kinds of different casters.

So how to buy Industrial Casters?

First, from the Industrial Casters packaging appearance analysis

Selection of high-quality casters in general, the regular caster plant is the use of cartons or trays for Caster packaging and transportation, marked with a marked mark (including casters product name, manufacturer location, telephone, etc.), to prevent the caster due to the transport process of the damage. The small factory because there is no conversion to mass production or in order to save costs, usually use woven bags, cannot protect the caster products in the transport process without damage.
Industrial Casters
Second, from the Industrial Casters wheel appearance analysis, select high-quality casters

Casters are used for handling, despite the plastic injection molding wheel, or molding metal caster wheels, so caster wheels must
Must be circular or spherical, which is the most basic reason, must not be rounded. Caster wheels, smooth surface, no bumps, uniform color, no obvious color difference.

Third, from the Industrial Casters operating capacity analysis, select high-quality casters

High-quality caster, when the roof rotation, each ball should be able to and steel runway surface touch, rotation smooth, no obvious resistance
Situation. When the caster wheel is turning, it should be rotated flexible, no obvious jump up and down.