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Sandwich mount wheels improve impact strength?


Sandwich mount wheels have a characteristic in all plastics, that is, the moisture content of the material is directly related to the strength of the material. The just-injected sandwich mount wheels are generally dried under a moisture content of less than 0.03%, and the dried material is dry. The impact strength at this time will be very poor, and the performance will be brittle.

Therefore, when the sandwich mount wheels are at a lower temperature, the simple mounting of the sandwich mount wheels with hot water can not only improve the use of the casters but also reduce the friction to a certain extent and prolong the service life of the casters.
sandwich mount wheels
Under a certain humidity environment, the material will naturally absorb moisture, and the impact strength will increase with the increase of water content. Industrial production generally does not place the product for three months before delivery, and natural moisture absorption will be unstable.

The humidity is high in spring and summer, the humidity is low in autumn and winter, and the natural moisture absorption effect is different. Therefore, pouring the wheel with boiling water is to make the material stably absorb moisture in a short time, thereby improving the impact strength of the nylon wheel.