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How to tell the quality of the casters and the introduction

 First, Overview of Heavy Casters
    Heavy Casters refers to the casters with relatively large load capacity. It is based on the load-bearing capacity of the casters. In fact, there is generally no clear limit. Generally, it is from 500 kg to 15 tons, or even higher load casters, called Heavy Casters.
 Second, Heavy Casters English
   Heavy Casters casters are Heavy duty caster or Heavy duty castor. Heavy loaders are particularly heavy duty casters or Extra heavy duty castors.
 Third, the choice of Heavy Casters service provider
   At present, there are many domestic professional casters, which is very important for us to choose a caster company that is not only professional but also good service. Users should choose the service provider of Heavy Casters, and they should not blindly pursue low prices. Because of the caster, it caused damage to the loaded product and caused some property damage. Choose a professional Heavy Casters service provider, usually, answer a lot of questions about Heavy Caster's selection, and also give you professional technical service consultation according to your needs.
Heavy Casters
How to tell the quality of the casters:
1. From the appearance of the bracket of Heavy Casters, the steel plate bracket of the caster has a beautiful surface, no burr, and the thickness must be uniform, thus ensuring the quality of the load;
2, Heavy Casters bracket galvanized: bracket to prevent rust, generally using galvanizing process, check the caster bracket galvanizing should be even and shiny;
3, Heavy Casters bracket welding: steel plate welding should be smooth, there should be no leakage welding, leaking points, etc.;
4, the size of the usual wheels of Heavy Casters;
5, check the appearance of Heavy Casters: smooth surface, no bruises, uniform color, no obvious color difference;
6. Check the overall effect of the universal wheel: When the top plate rotates, each steel ball should be in contact with the steel plate runner surface, the force should be uniform, the rotation is flexible, and there is no obvious pause.
7. Check the bearing quality of Heavy Casters: There should be no obvious jump when Heavy Casters rotate.