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What happened to China’s Heavy Casters in the first half of


As China's economic growth enters the shift period, the pace of development of the home furnishing industry is consistent with the national economic situation, and will also shift from high-speed development to low-speed development. Today, after 30 years of rapid growth, China's home furnishing industry is facing an important period of transformation and upgrading. The industry needs to continuously improve its product structure, manufacturing, and innovative services to adapt to the new stage of development.

First, the industry has changed from high-speed development to medium-high speed development

1. The rapid development of China's Heavy Casters industry in the 30 years after the reform and opening up has created a miracle in the world. At present, China is in the period of economic growth shift, structural adjustment pain and early policy digestive period. The development pace of Heavy Caster's industry is consistent with the national economic situation, and will also change from high-speed development to medium-low speed development.

2. The adjustment of the industrial structure of the Heavy Casters industry continued. During this transition period, after the supply side reform and acquisition of new development momentum, it became an important goal of the Heavy Casters enterprise's adjustment and development strategy. Some enterprises' transformation and upgrading have achieved initial results, but There are also some companies that have been eliminated.

Heavy Casters
3. In the first half of 2018, we experienced a period of concentration of contradictions. The whole industry experienced major tests, exports declined, domestic sales growth was slow, industrial structure adjustment accelerated, environmental protection requirements continued to increase, tax reform continued, and economic downward pressure increased. Big, the real estate market is sluggish, etc. The Heavy Casters industry faces opportunities and challenges.

4. In the first half of 2018, the accumulated main business income of the above-mentioned enterprises in the Heavy Casters industry was 380.327 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.70%; the total accumulated profit was 23.066 billion yuan, an increase of 15.06%; the cumulative output was 38,730,800, an increase of 3.87%; The cumulative export volume was 24.749 billion US dollars, down 10.73% year-on-year; the situation of large enterprises was good, and the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises was difficult.