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Definition and application of Industrial Rubber Casters

Industrial Rubber Casters is a range of casters primarily used in factories and industrial machinery. Industrial continuous casting machines usually have strong comprehensive impact resistance and strength due to the particularity of their use. In order to achieve high strength, Industrial Rubber Casters are generally made of super polyurethane, reinforced nylon or rubber. Industrial Rubber Casters are usually made of high-quality steel, and the internal structure is usually mounted in a one-piece mold to ensure the stability of the overall structure.
In terms of applications, Industrial Rubber Casters has a wide range of applications in transport handling flatbeds, mobile scaffolding, trolleys, workshop trucks, forklifts and more. In different occasions, Industrial Rubber Casters also has different application options:
1. In supermarkets, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, etc., because of the good ground environment and high flatness of these places, the industrial rubber Casters usually have the operation and quiet effect. The plated caster frame, which is usually formed by sheet metal stamping, is easy to operate and the key is to have a good mute effect.
Industrial Rubber Casters
Second, in some places where the ground driving environment is lacking, such as warehouses and factories or simply external cement roads, the cargo handling load phenomenon is very common. Therefore, it is necessary to first consider the bearing capacity of the casters. It is necessary to select medium and heavy-duty casters. The steel plate is stamped and has a double row ball welded wheel frame.
Third, in the automobile manufacturing, clothing and textile occasions, the characteristics of the caster load and long driving distance are very obvious. In these occasions, the Industrial Rubber Casters usually need to be welded into a caster frame with a steel plate with a thickness of 8-12mm, so that the casters can withstand the super High load.
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