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Four ways to increase the speed of a sandwich mount wheel

 The emergence of sandwich mount wheels has brought great convenience to equipment handling work. As people become more familiar with sandwich mount wheels, many customers put forward higher requirements for the speed of use of sandwich mount wheels, so how can we improve the sandwich? What is the speed of mount wheels? Self-reliance for your support.
    1. The sandwich mount wheels of high-grade bearings are selected. Such a sandwich mount wheels can be rotated flexibly, and the natural rotation speed will be guaranteed.
    2, add the load of the sandwich mount wheels operating part, this can ensure the flexibility of the rotating part of the sandwich mount wheels, and it is also helpful for the improvement of the rotation speed.

sandwich mount wheels
    3, the choice of sandwich mount wheels surface hardness cannot be too soft, too soft sandwich mount wheels will produce greater friction with the ground, thus slowing down the speed.
    4. Use a slightly larger diameter of the mount wheels, so that the distance between the swing mount wheels and the one-turn is larger, and the natural speed is faster than the small-wheel-mounted sandwich mount wheels.
    In order to improve the efficiency of work, some customers simply speed up the speed of the sandwich mount wheels. This is actually not true. Sandwich mount wheels speed is not as fast as possible, should be safe first, consistent with the walking speed, if necessary, speed up properly.