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Cast universal wheel caster specifications

Cast universal wheel caster specifications

Sandwich universal wheel, also known as movable casters, is widely used in social and economic production and life. When purchasing the Sandwich universal wheel, you need to determine the specifications of the casters in detail. It is important to be clear about the characteristics of the Sandwich universal wheel, as the Sandwich universal wheel is more complex than the conventional single-wheel structure and has a steering function. Therefore, all aspects of the Sandwich universal wheel are more stable than the single wheel, so that it can better match the single wheel and better serve the transportation organization.

First of all, the choice of the Sandwich universal wheel is to bear the weight. Divided into light load-bearing casters, medium-sized load-bearing casters, heavy-duty load-bearing casters.

Sandwich universal wheel

The load-bearing range of lightweight load-bearing casters is generally around 70-150 kg, the load-bearing range of medium-sized load-bearing casters is between 150-300, and the load-bearing capacity of heavy-duty load-bearing casters can reach 300-500 kg.

The second is to look at the dimensions of the Wheel universal wheel. The size of the caster is the diameter in inches and the inch is about 3.3 cm. The size of the Sandwich universal wheel is 1-12 inches and is available on the market.

The material of the Sandwich universal wheel is generally determined by the actual use environment of the Sandwich universal wheel. At present, polyurethane wheels and nylon are the main materials, and polyurethane wheels also have some types of different strengths.

The Sandwich universal wheel with polyurethane wheel as the main material is characterized by good mute effect, suitable for various environments, wear and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in hospitals, schools, logistics and transportation industries.

The Sandwich universal wheel made of nylon is characterized by better steering performance, more flexibility and lightness, and excellent wear resistance and strong bearing capacity. The disadvantage is that the nylon texture is hard and brittle, and the mute effect is general.