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Part of the light casters


Light casters is a bad word. If you say tires, believe everyone knows what it is. But if you say light casters, many people may wonder what it is. Here's what it is. Describe the components of light casters:
1, anti-binding cover: to avoid and other materials around the wheel shaft and support and the wheel gap, so that the wheel can rotate freely.
2, sealing ring: avoid steering bearings or single wheel bearings into the dust, maintain its lubrication, easy to rotate.
Light casters
3, steering lock: by locking the spring pin to the steering bearing(four or two locks), you can lock the active light casters to the fixed light pins.
4, single wheel brake: installed on the wheel axle sleeve or tire surface, with hands or feet to control the brake device.
5, full brake: You can lock the steering and can fix the wheel brake device.
Support frame: A device mounted under a conveyance that allows it to be fixed to a certain position.
Other: including steering arms, levers, rubber crash pads, elastic pads, and other parts for specific purposes.
The use of light casters should be based on the conditions of the use site-load load-rotational flexibility.