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How to maintain the casters?

As a part of the production and life, the casters are used more and more widely in our daily production and life, which plays a decisive role, but any piece of equipment will be damaged after using it for a period of time, so how to maintain it in daily life Casters make them last longer and become the focus of attention. Here, force to excellent as a manufacturer of research and development of heavy duty shock absorber absorbing casters to give everyone support, how to make casters longer.
As an important part of the caster, the first thing that can't be separated is the inspection. What is checked? Of course, it is to detect the visible wear of the tread surface, check the wheel bearing for damage. If the part is not damaged, it can be reassembled and continue to be used. If it is found that the wire head wire and other debris are entangled, it is recommended to remove the bolt on the wheel. And nuts to clean up debris. Then check the "flattening" of the tread surface, especially check the tightness of the bolt and the amount of lubricating oil. If the damage is serious, it may lead to rolling instability, air leakage, abnormal load, and damage to the bottom plate. Replacing damaged casters enhances the rolling performance and rotational flexibility of the unit while also reducing the cost of downtime caused by caster damage.
It is important that the caster realizes the rotating function. The running part of the bracket steel ball and the running part of the bearing are often in a friction state. Regular lubrication and oiling can effectively maintain the lubrication state and reduce the wear of the metal parts, thereby greatly prolonging the service life of the furniture casters.
heavy duty shock absorbing casters
Self-supporting heavy duty shock absorbing casters are recommended to apply grease to the friction parts of the axles, seals and roller bearings, which can reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible. Normally every six months, the lubrication is carried out. The wheels should be lubricated and maintained after each month of cleaning.
At the same time, when using the casters, the user should recognize the load weight of the casters and their supporting products, and select the casters with appropriate load for use. Do not overload. The casters of different materials have different physical and chemical properties. The materials of the casters are different. Different environments in the place will result in different service life of the casters. When using the casters, the user should be aware of the suitable place for the casters to avoid serious property damage.
In daily life, any piece of equipment is regularly maintained and repaired during use, which can effectively guarantee its service life. As a common moving part of furniture, furniture casters often bear the gravity of the furniture as a whole, so the maintenance of furniture casters Work has become an important part of the furniture, because the mistakes and failures of any detail parts will affect the overall safety of the furniture, so the maintenance and maintenance of the casters can not be ignored!