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Caster overhauling several details you must pay attention to

Caster overhauling several details you must pay attention to
After the casters are selected and used normally, the standard daily maintenance can extend the service life of the casters. The self-supporting casters think that the maintenance should be carried out from several details. The specific analysis is as follows:
1. If the casters are loose or the wheels are stuck, it will cause “flattening”. Proper maintenance inspection, especially checking the tightness of the bolts, the amount of lubricating oil and replacing the damaged casters can enhance the rolling performance and rotation flexibility of the equipment.
2. Check if the wheel bearing is damaged. If the part is not damaged, it can be reassembled and continue to be used. If it is often encountered that the wheel is wrapped by debris, it is recommended to install an anti-wrapping cover to avoid it.
3. After checking the repaired wheels, make sure that the bolts and nuts are tightened. Use lock washers or locknuts on all bolts as much as possible. If the bolt is loose, tighten it immediately. If the wheel inside the bracket is loose, the wheel will be damaged or cannot be rotated, shortening the life of the wheel.