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Damping caster characteristics

Damping caster characteristics
Shock-absorbing caster features: Sealed dustproof and anti-wrap performance. The anti-vibration spring of the damping wheel is completely sealed, which has good dustproof and anti-tangling properties, so as to suit different choices and requirements.
Shockproof performance. The shock absorbing wheel is made of high-quality impact-resistant anti-vibration spring. It adopts large-track diameter bead plate, and the bottom plate and the upper and lower bead plates are heat-treated, which can greatly improve the rigidity and toughness of the bead plate, making the bead disk rotation more flexible and easy, greatly improving the force. Performance, to avoid damage to the wheels caused by vibration on the bumpy ground.
elastic rubber Casters
High speed resistance. The double-tapered roller bearing of the damping wheel can better prevent the wheel from shaking during the high-speed traction process, greatly reducing the noise and providing a quiet production environment for the production workshop. Easy to start. The damping wheel is made of high-quality iron core wrapped polyurethane wheel with good toughness and wear resistance.