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Trolleycaster and various trolley introductions

Trolleycaster and various trolley introductions
The trolley is a towing and pulling vehicle. It has a long history and is the ancestor of all vehicles. Although logistics handling technology is constantly evolving, trolley is still used today as an indispensable handling tool. The trolley is widely used in life and production because it is easy to operate, simple to maintain, low in cost, light in weight, and can be used in places where motor vehicles are not easy to work, and is very convenient when transporting lighter items on short distances.
    The trolley is divided into two wheels, two wheels, three wheels and four wheels according to the number of wheels and the installation method.
    Trolley for different purposes has different body structures. Most of the GM four-wheeled trolley has a cargo platform. The special trolley has a variety of structures, some of which protrude from the bracket to facilitate the placement of parts such as rods, shafts and pipes; some of the bodies are box-shaped, suitable for carrying light weight and easy to load and unload; some are for loading and unloading barrels. Packing liquid goods, paper rolls and other tubular goods, the car body has two flat steels to form a low slope, in order to facilitate the rolling up and down of the cylinder, such as a cylindrical cargo loading and unloading truck; some car body shape is completely consistent with the cargo, Such as gas cylinders; some are very small, can be folded, easy to carry. Modern trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings, pneumatic tires for wheels or solid casters.
    The wheelbarrow can be driven on narrow lanes, bridges and springboards. It can be turned in place and it is very convenient to dump items. Commonly used two-wheeled vehicles include a hand-carrying truck (slot car) that transports pieces of goods, a dump truck that carries bulk materials, and a stroller. Usually, among the three-wheeled carts, there are one of the universal wheel and the four-wheeled cart, and there are two rotary casters (both the caster) that can be rotated around the vertical axis. This kind of active caster can automatically adjust to the direction of minimum running resistance as the direction of movement of the vehicle changes during operation.
    In the world, the application of trolley is very extensive. It is used in mines in Africa. There are many buildings in the Middle East. It is usually used for horticulture in Europe and North America.
    China's trolly manufacturers are mainly located in Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong, and continue to serve users all over the world.
    Common trolley products:
    Silent trolley
    It is a must for logistics management. Synthetic plastics (high-performance resins) are often used as car bodies and casters to reduce the weight of the vehicle. The special mute and transmission technology design makes trolly silent and brisk. Silent trolly consists of plastic car panels, chrome-plated armrests (foldable, fixed), silent caster (nylon bracket, iron bracket). Silent trolley is widely used in material handling industries such as factory buildings, office buildings, libraries, hotels, catering, logistics and transportation.
    General features of silent trolley products:
    Silent: The cart's caster uses a unique quiet design that allows the cart to be quieted during travel. It's brisk: Because the caster uses a special design, it reduces the resistance of the start and the resistance of the walk. Light weight: lighter the car board, caster uses high-performance resin (plastic), so that the self-weight of trylley has achieved light weight.
    Flat trolley (iron plate trolly)
Flat trolley, also known as iron plate trolley, is one of the important handling equipment commonly used in factories, warehouses and supermarkets. It is also one of the basic tools for cargo handling. Flat trolley is usually simple in structure and light in weight. The flat trolley can easily realize the handling of goods, and the convenience and practical performance of working in a small range are suitable for temporary short-distance transportation in a small amount and a small range under most conditions, and the iron plate trylley is widely used in various working environments.
    Automatic lifting trolley
    When the material cart is picking up the goods, as the goods are reduced, the operator will inevitably bend over when picking up the lower level goods. The trolley with automatic lifting platform adopts a spring structure, and the laminate automatically rises and falls with the weight of the cargo, which is level with the height of the worktable, and it is more convenient to take the goods.
    The tralley caster of the automatic lifting platform usually adopts two directional wheel 20,000-way wheel brake design, which is convenient to move and stable to place.

    Supermarket trolley:
    The trolley door panel needs to be effective to ensure that the items in the car are not easy to fall out. The corners of the steel basket are equipped with anti-collision corners, so that the body itself and other items are not easily scratched. The unique handle fixing device does not cause any rotation of the handle. Supermarket trolley handles and seats can be printed on the store logo, can be installed with different models of caster, supermarket trolley can use a variety of coated surface treatment.
    Industrial equipment trolley
    Used in mobile industrial equipment such as oil drums. The structure is simple, usually only one with a caster tray, some with a hand-held handle, and some without.
    Cart caster
    The cart caster can be used with pneumatic tires or solid casters.
    Trolleycaster is best to use wheels with larger wheel diameters. However, the cost of the wheel is also high. If it is too large, the center of gravity is too high and it is not conducive to stability.
    Supermarket trolleys are best able to use conductive casters to avoid static electricity from long-term friction and electric shock to customers.