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How is the heavy duty universal direction produced (1)

How is the heavy duty universal direction produced (1)
The heavy duty universal wheel is classified according to the load-bearing capacity of castors, compared to light castors, medium castors, etc., without clear boundaries.
First, the castors, which carry loads from 150 to 2,500 kilograms or more, are called heavy universal wheels.
Heavy duty wheel English heavy duty wheel castors are Heaviduticaster or Heaviduti castor heavy duty wheel English is Extraheaviduticaster or Extraheaviduticastor
The support of heavy duty universal wheel is designed to support heavy duty universal wheel, usually with metal materials as the main body, including ordinary steel sheet stamping, cast steel forming, die forging steel forming, etc., usually with flat plate assembly as the main body.

The steel plate thickness of heavy duty universal wheel is generally 6mm 10mm12m16mm steel plate.
4. The rotating plate of heavy duty universal wheel is designed for heavy duty universal wheel.For the rotating plate of extra-heavy universal wheel, the bearing of planar ball bearing or planar needle rolling bearing with larger force is generally adopted, and the supporting cone bearing effectively enhances the load capacity of heavy universal wheel.For special impact-resistant heavy duty universal wheel, the rotary plate adopts die forging steel, which is arranged and shaped, effectively avoiding the welding of the connecting plate bolts, and improving the impact resistance of castors with greater strength.
Steel plate double-sided welding, combined with flat ball bearing and conical bearing anti-impact structure, conical rolling bearing as a secondary load bearing can protect castors to the maximum extent and is suitable for dynamic traction.