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Heavy duty PU casters Static weighing and "dynamic weighing"

Heavy duty PU casters Static weighing and "dynamic weighing" shear control
A large domestic PU caster company designed and used a new heavy duty PU caster. The casting machine adopts the dynamic soft reduction technology independently developed in China, and also adopts the integral tubular crystallizer with independent intellectual property rights instead of the usual combined crystallizer. In order to optimize the cooling process of the whole crystallizer, it is necessary to analyze the influence of the cooling water volume, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water, the inlet water temperature and the water gap width on the solidification state of the large PU casters in the mold. In this paper, the large-scale finite element analysis software MA RC is used to calculate and simulate the effects of mold cooling water quantity, inlet and outlet water temperature difference, inlet water temperature and water gap width, and analyze the different solidification state of large PU casters in the mold. influence level.
PU casters
 A schematic diagram of a Cartesian coordinate system is established in the crystallizer for convective heat transfer and radiative heat transfer. In the horizontal direction, the total heat Q of the conduction heat transfer is W/expansion, which is proportional to the temperature change rate in the direction of the vertical heat transfer cross section, that is, Fourier's law. At present, in response to customer demand for PU caster quality. In the production of PU casters, most steel companies in China use the fixed-length shear control method [1, 2]. For rolling steel production, the main advantage of using the fixed-weight method to cut PU casters is: to improve the production of PU casters. Scale to reduce the remaining non-fixed feet; reduce non-fixed feet, can avoid product backlog, reduce liquidity occupation; under certain conditions of contract, increase the fixed-rate rate, thereby improving the efficiency of rolling production. At present, there are two kinds of fixed-weight shear control methods in individual steel enterprises in China: static weighing and dynamic weighing. The two fixed-cutting methods all adopt the “after-the-fact” control mode. Hysteresis. This paper uses the excellent monochromaticity of laser [3], selects green laser as the structured light source, and proposes a new method for real-time online detection of the cross-sectional area of ​​PU casters through structured light three-dimensional detection technology, which can finally achieve PU casters. Perform real-time online weight-cutting control.