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How much weight can Heavy industrial casters bear?

How much weight can Heavy industrial casters bear?
Heavy industrial casters, you can come to SHIJIAZHUANG ZILI IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADE CO., LTD to see, Heavy industrial casters Details: An overview of the professional production of various types of Heavy industrial casters, Heavy industrial casters have achieved 15 tons of weight and exported to overseas , also applied to various domestic steel plants, power plants, welcome to contact
Heavy industrial casters
Look at the situation of the wheel like our small 30kg big 50kg can open my website to see the specific style is 15cm in diameter, the total installation height is 18.7cm, the 6-inch heavy-duty universal wheel belongs to the heavy-duty universal wheel, the load range is 200 Between -800kg, 6-inch universal wheel is made of nylon, polyurethane pu, rubber, tpr, cast iron, phenolic, glass brazing, polymer elastomer, engineering copolymer, etc.