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How to check the wear of the casters

How to check the wear of the casters
In the application of casters, wear is an important aspect. According to the production and research experience of Wanda casters, in daily operation, the wear inspection of the universal wheel can be started from three aspects.
    1. The caster casters are loose or the wheels are stuck. It can also cause “freshing points”. Appropriate maintenance inspection, especially checking the tightness of the bolts and the amount of lubricating oil. Replacing the damaged casters can enhance the rolling performance and flexibility of the equipment. Sex.
Light caster rubber
    2. Serious damage or slackening of the rubber casters may lead to rolling instability, air leakage, abnormal load, and damage to the bottom plate. Changing the damaged casters and bearings in time can reduce the cost loss caused by the stoppage of the casters.
    3. Check if the wheel bearing is damaged. If the part is not damaged, reassemble it and continue to use it. If it is often encountered that the wheel is wrapped by debris, it is recommended to install anti-wrapping cover to avoid it.
elastic rubber Casters
    Reducing wear and tear is one aspect of maintaining the universal wheel. On the other hand, we are still starting from the ground conditions. For some reasons, the ground conditions are really bad. After the universal wheel is used, it must be checked to check the wear and the corresponding treatment.