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Application and classification of Trolleys Casters universal

Application and classification of Trolleys Casters universal wheel
Trolleys Casters are available in single, two, three and four wheels depending on the number of wheels and the way they are installed.
Trolleys for different purposes have different body structures. Most of the GM four-wheeled Trolleys have a cargo platform. Specialized Trolleys are of various structures, some of which protrude from the brackets for easy placement of rods, shafts and pipes; some bodies are box-shaped, suitable for carrying light weight and easy to load and unload; some for loading and unloading buckets Packing liquid goods, paper rolls and other tubular goods, the car body has two flat steels to form a low slope, in order to facilitate the rolling up and down of the cylinder, such as a cylindrical cargo loading and unloading truck; some car body shape is completely consistent with the cargo, Such as gas cylinders; some are very small, can be folded, easy to carry. Modern Trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings, pneumatic tires for wheels or solid casters.
Trolleys Casters
The wheelbarrow can be driven on narrow lanes, bridges and springboards. It can be turned in place and it is very convenient to dump items.
Commonly used two-wheeled vehicles include a hand-carrying truck (slot car) that transports pieces of goods, a dump truck that carries bulk materials, and a stroller.

Usually, among the three-wheeled carts, there are one of the universal wheel and the four-wheeled cart, and there are two swivel casters (both the caster) that can be rotated around the vertical axis. This type of active universal wheel can automatically adjust to the direction of minimum running resistance as the direction of movement of the vehicle changes during operation.