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Common caster materials and their respective characteristics

Common caster materials and their respective characteristics
The various casters are mainly divided into thermoplastic polyurethane casters, polypropylene (pp) casters, nylon (PA) casters, thermoplastic rubber casters, and PVC casters.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Casters Features: Recycleable thermoplastic polyurethane tires Polypropylene copolymer wheel centres are ideal for both load and ground protection, low noise, abrasion, impact, spun, mineral oil and some acids The normal operating speed is 4km/h.
Industrial pp Casters
Polypropylene (pp) caster features: tire core and tread of recycled polypropylene copolymer, suitable for light weight, heavy duty, easy to operate manually, labor-saving under static load, cost-effective, very good anti-chemical, Moderate impact resistance normal operation speed of 4km / h.
PA Casters
Nylon (PA) caster features: high quality nylon fetal heart and tread, light weight, low mechanical resistance, flexible rotation, labor-saving manual and mechanical use, equipment used in wet environment, anti-grease, crude oil, salt, some acidic substances , environmentally friendly materials, normal operating speed of 4km / h.

elastic rubber Casters
Thermoplastic rubber casters features: excellent pull-up resistance, highest tensile strength. Long-term temperature resistance over 70 °C low temperature environment performance - 60 ° C can still maintain good bending, good electrical insulation, anti-slip, Abrasion resistance, weatherability and general chemicals.

Characteristics of PVC casters: Flame retardant is therefore widely used in fire protection applications, and is not easily resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Has good tensile, bending, compression and impact resistance.