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Medical casters classification and characteristics

The casters are suitable for lightweight, flexible steering, flexibility, special ultra-quiet, wear-resisting, anti-winding, chemical resistance and other operations.
The main points are as follows:
Light-weight castors (chrome-plated brackets, round plungers, neoprene wheels, chrome-plated brackets, empty rivets, neoprene wheels)
Metal Bracket Castors (Screws, Hollow Rivets),
STO plastic caster (active/fixed, wire, stainless steel, rod)
CPT medical double casters (economy, wire, mobile, fixed, plug)
Central casters and medical dual brake casters. Can fully meet the requirements of various medical environments.
Lightweight casters:
Lightweight castor chrome bracket
80 kg per round.
Bracket chrome plating and beautification product appearance
Environmental protection, chemical resistant neoprene wheels, no wheel printing.
Precision ball bearing, flexible and lightweight
Special Super Artificial Rubber Wheel
Double brake metal bracket castor
146 kg per round.
Metal Bracket: Galvanized to solve the rust problem, beautify the appearance of the product.
Material: Special Super Artificial Rubber Wheel
Features: Quiet and wear-resistant, light and flexible operation, flexible steering, high elasticity, special ultra-quiet bearing, anti-winding.
STO type plastic scaffolding casters
146 kg per round.
Full plastic support: made of nylon material, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, carrying heavy loads.
Material: Special Super Artificial Rubber Wheel
Features: Quiet, wear-resistant, lightweight and flexible operation, flexible steering, high elasticity, special ultra-quiet bearings, anti-winding, rust-proof, chemical resistant.
CPT medical double caster
60 kg per round.
All round: injection molding, polyurethane material, wear resistance, impact resistance, load capacity.
Features: Quiet and wear-resistant, flexible light, flexible and flexible.
Central controlled castors and double medical brakes each carry 120 kilograms.
Medical caster features:
Casters use special synthetic rubber materials, precision bearings, special mute, labor-saving, no damage to the floor.
The biggest feature is the pedal control of a complete set of equipment or bed brakes.
The above is the introduction of the medical casters provided by the own brand casters. Hope to help you.