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The Important Role of Industrial Casters Attachments

The Important Role of Industrial pp Casters Attachments
  With the wide application of Industrial  pp Casters in people's daily life, the consumer market has increasingly attached importance to the development of the caster industry. As a professional caster manufacturer, self-standing castors believe that the performance of Industrial  pp Casters can not be separated from the overall cooperation of various components. Below, let's take a look at the role of Industrial  pp Casters attachments.

Industrial pp Casters
    1, anti-wrap: to avoid and other materials around the wheel shaft and bracket and wheel gap, so that the wheel can be flexible and free to rotate.
    2. Sealing ring: Avoid dust in the steering bearing or single wheel bearing to maintain its lubricity and facilitate flexible rotation.
    3. Steering lock: By locking the steering bearing against the spring pin, the movable castor can be locked as a fixed caster.
    4, side brake system: mounted on the wheel sleeve or tire surface, hand or foot-operated brake device.
    5. Double brake: The brake device that can lock the steering and fix the wheel.
    6, support frame: mounted on the surface of the vehicle, can make it fixed in a position of the device. 
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