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Caster Parts Rusty Treatment Method

   In the practical application process of the casters, there are always many problems faced by the forest. The environment where rust is present is the rarest environment. This will easily affect the overall aesthetic appearance of the casters, and if the casters show a rusted environment, follow them. Forged and time-honored, the casters will not be easily applied.
First, with the aid of chemical rust removal:
      1, rust removal agent rust. If the main body uses a weakly acidic chemical liquid (ie, a rust remover) to brush or soak a metal with rust outside, a method of removing the rust on the outside of the metal by chemical reaction may be used.
Caster Parts
      2, chemical rust (also known as pickling rust). Important to adopt organic dilute acid solution brush (spray), soaked with rusty metal outside, and to achieve a purpose of derusting.
      With the help of chemical rust removal, the rust removal method for the Caster Parts is exceptionally convenient. It is important to pass the chemical reaction between the two to reach the method of removing the outer rust stains. There are many chemical rust removal methods in the market today. The agent, which doubles the ease of application.