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Shock absorber caster features

Shock absorber caster features: Sealed dust and anti-wrap properties. The anti-seismic spring of the shock absorber wheel is completely sealed and has excellent dust-proof and entanglement resistance to suit different options and requirements. Shockproof performance. The shock absorber wheel is made of high-quality shock-resistant shock springs. The large-diameter bead disk is used.

Shock absorber caster
The bottom plate and the upper and lower bead plates are heat-treated to greatly improve the rigidity and toughness of the bead plate, making the bead plate more flexible and easy to rotate, and greatly increasing the force. Performance, to avoid the wheel damaged by vibration on the bumpy ground. Resistant to high speeds. Double-tapered roller bearings are used for the shock absorber wheel to better prevent wheel wobble during high-speed traction and greatly reduce noise, providing a quiet production environment for the production workshop. Easy to start. The shock absorber wheel is made of high quality iron core polyurethane wheel and has good toughness and wear resistance.